Friday, May 9, 2008

O.C.D. Diary

Have you ever sat next to a person who has O.C.D.? I had my first-time experience this morning. Let me tell you, it was crazy.

I was sitting in the waiting room of my Doctor's office...alone...reading a magazine, when in swept this mess of a woman. I hate to sound judgemental but if you could have witnessed her entrance yourself, you would agree that she was a wreck. It was Kramer-ish in a way; it just wasn't funny.

Anyway, I decided to mind my own business and read my magazine. (I was always told it was impolite to stare.) The woman then decided that the best place to sit in the great open waiting room was right next to me. Cheers! I refused to look up from my magazine. Out of the corner of my eye, I watched her obsessive behavior again and again. She flipped her hair, shook her head and kicked her feet all at the same time like a cracked out mermaid. Then she sniffed very loudly and rested her hands in her lap as if nothing happened. I saw this maybe 4 times.

What the heck?

If you can believe it, she started a new compulsion after her first series of behaviors. It included the removal of each shoe, unlacing, relacing, yanking on the tongue of the shoe, puting it back on, and finally, stomping each foot on the floor.

I'm sure at this point my eyes were bugging out of my head. However, I managed to stare SUPER hard at the magazine in my hands.

The nurse finally called for her to go back to see the Doctor. She looked like she was weathered to this woman's behavior and wasn't exactly enthusiastic when she called her name.

I felt, and still feel, sad for this woman. I don't know what it must be like to go through life everyday with some weird compulsion(s) that just won't quit. We all have our habits, of course, but this was beyond a "bad habit".

What is it that sparks in someone's brain to behave this way? How can it be corrected without tons of medication?

Well, anyway, I thought I'd share my random story. It's just not everyday that I get to witness something like this. How would you respond to seeing this?

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  1. I must be a evil, because I just thought this story was funny.

    I know what the doctor told here:

    "take your meds."


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