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A Conversation With Alex

We were headed off to a little vacation the other day when Alex and I had the following conversation.

Alex: Where are we going, mommy?

Me: We're going on vacation, buddy.

Alex: We're going on Caucasian? 

Me: (stifling my laugh) No, buddy...Not CAUcasian. VACAtion.

Alex: Oh! We're going on bacation?

Me: No, buddy. Vacation! Va-va- Can you say that?

Alex: Yes, mommy! We're going on va-va-cation!

Me: Yup. Good enough. LOL


Amy C

Amy is a stay-at-home mom of three beautiful kiddos. She's been blogging since 2007 and started her own small business in 2015 with Young Living. When she isn't busy being a mom, wife, or entrepreneur, she enjoys picking up a DIY project, singing, or songwriting. Creativity is life and life is good.

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