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My name is Amy. I was married to the hubster in 2005 and I've been blogging in this space since the year 2008. At that time I was a new mom to my first child, Alex, and I needed some sort of outlet as I was staying home with him. I never planned to do product reviews from the beginning, but just naturally came into that as I grew curious about items on the market. 
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Since the birth of this blog, I've also had 2 more children, Eliana and Mikayla. These girls are amazing to me and for me. And if a family of 5 isn't enough, we've grown our family through foster care adoption.

I'm blessed to be able to stay home with my family. What a tremendous adventure I'm on! I'm loving every minute of it. 

Also, I'm a shopper and I absolutely love trying new things with my kiddos. Some of the most fun opportunities, though, are the ones that let me take them on a trip somewhere. The joy in their eyes and the squeal in their voices as we arrive at our destination {wherever it may be} is just priceless. 

Topics you'll see covered on this blog are:
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