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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Monkey on my back

I went to the Doctor today with a concern. I have a growth on my back between my neck and shoulder. In the past week, I've noticed it growing, becoming red, hurting, and causing a constant tingling sensation around it. I figured that I must have seriously strained a muscle. I thought I would go to the Doctor and be sent to Physical Therapy to get rid of the "knot."
After an examination, I learned that it is a tumor. More specifically, it's a lipoma. There is no known cause for the development. My Doctor seems to think it's due to the large fluctuation of hormone my body has gone through with pregnancy and nursing.
The good news is that she's not overly concerned and sees no need for a biopsy. I have been referred to a general surgeon to have it removed. If he orders a biopsy, I was told that I shouldn't be worried. My tumor doesn't have cancerous characteristics.
I'm grateful for all of the thoughts and prayers I've received from friends and family. I'm grateful that I am TRULY being spared something worse than what I have.
I'll keep everyone posted on my surgery after I'm able to meet with the surgeon.


  1. Praise God! My dad has a disease where he gets those ALL over his body. On several occasions, he's had to have them all removed at once (upwards of 200 at times). I know it can be really painful, but PTL that you only have the one and the doctor isn't worried about it. :)

  2. Praise GOD! Thank God that it is not cancer and that he will take care of it! Keep me posted if you need anything.

  3. Glad to see you are doing well. Know my thoughts are with You, Mike, and Alex through this process. If you need anything........


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