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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Sweep me away

This morning, I saw this visitor on the tree off my balcony. So beautiful. I often take moments like this as a wink from my Dad (God). Only He knows my appreciation for His creation and only He can send me a smile through a bird or a butterfly. Oftentimes, I'll see a butterfly fluttering across my windshield while I'm stopped at a red light. I'm not claiming that this happens in the "off-season" times or that it's even miraculous. Still, I take heart when I see things like this that God is thinking about me too.

Tomorrow, after we drop Alex off at his Grandparent's, Mike and I are taking a trip to Grand Rapids with an overnight stay. We're going to the butterfly garden there. Over 40 different species of butterflies from many different countries are grown there and then set free. I can't even explain how EXCITED I am to go there and take way too many pictures.

A lot of people relate their life to a butterfly. I know for a fact that Mariah Carey is probably just as obsessed as I am. Maybe someday I'll be brave enough to talk about my "caterpillar" or "chrysalis" stage in my life. Thank goodness, I made it through the ugly things to become the blessed wife and mother I am today.

Well, I'm off to get things ready for my little escape.

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  1. so.. i found your blog! this was SO good! i was just thinking this week about how much i have grown and was thanking the Lord for not allowing me to stay "14" forever... spiritually speaking. enjoy your little vaca!


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