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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Of all the things He could give me...

Maybe this picture doesn't strike you the way it does me. Maybe you don't understand it's significance since you don't know me personally. This picture perfectly illustrates the way I feel when I'm hanging out with one, some or all of my friends.
If I allow myself time to sit and really think about what a blessing each person is, well, I just turn into a huge sap.
I used to fight off girls from getting too close to me as a teen. I picked one person and just stuck with her while I'll held my breath waiting for the day she'd hurt me. Certainly, no one would REALLY want to be MY friend if they really got to know me.
I had a whole list of hang-ups and deal-breakers along with a poor choice in lifestyle and boys. I "ran with the wrong crowd" and was defiant.
All of this was before I came to realize that I need a church family and friends. I needed friends more than anything. I spent years chasing people away and I suddenly came to a point where I cried of loneliness. I prayed and prayed and God heard me.
I now have a group of the best friends I've ever had in my whole life. Women who aren't afraid of honesty or feelings. Women who challenge the way I think (in a good way) and constantly encourage me. I've never had this sort of friendship from more than one or two ladies in my life.
What's more; they actually enjoy coming to my home for a visit.
I'm astounded at the amazing people God placed in my life. I was only looking for a friend to shop with and I wound up with a group of women I feel comfortable enough to cry with.
I wish the same for everyone known and unknown. May God give you the friends you need and love and can't imagine your life without.


  1. Funny, when I look at that picture, you're that girl in the black top with the pink pants and the cool hair. The one I always thought was so cool (cuz you were astoundingly more cool than I was growing up). Love ya sis.

  2. You thought I was cool? That's hillarious. I was too dorky for cool. You are the obvious choice to be "the cool one". You got to do modeling stuff.

  3. it's neat isnt it? i was worried about being alone once i had lorelai....but ive never felt that way since she was born. it's nice to grow together with people :)
    - becca


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