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Friday, August 1, 2008

Aloha Friday

One of my favorite blogs holds an Aloha Friday every week. This is an opportunity to ask a simple question of her readers and get us bloggers to mingle.

Her question this week: What's your favorite dessert?

My answer: CHEESECAKE! (I'll also take some for breakfast, lunch, and dinner).

Now, here's my question for the week?

If you had $10,000 given to you, what's the first thing you would do/buy?

Comment with your answers and leave a link to your blog where you can post your own question.


  1. Hm. $10,000 to do with as I please. That easily could be a vacation for Doug and I, but to me it sounds like braces and some, ahem, cosmetic enhancements. :-) I'd make me feel pretty again. Ooh, and a personal trainer with whatever is left over!

  2. Mine is this thing I had last night at TGIF's. It had Girardelli chocolate in it with some kind of awesome tasting brownie. It was heaven! Happy Aloha Friday! Mine's up at Spice World.

  3. I'd take a cruise and pay some bills!

  4. I would pay off bills and that would probably (sadly) use up all of it. Happy Aloha Friday! Mine's up over here: Spice World

  5. Build a barn! Need is desperately! Stop by my Aloha Friday and take a trip!

  6. New carpet, curtains, bedding set, pay bills.

  7. Down payment towards a house -wow I didn't even think twice about that!


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