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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Diggin' Up the Past chapt. 3 (A Hippie Story)

Meet Amy, prime in her hippie stage...
(ages 21-23ish)

This picture was taken backstage at a Jack Johnson/Ben Harper concert. Since I worked at a music store, I was able to get free tickets and backstage passes to this show simply by asking for them.
I was living a "regular" hippie's dream moment. (Yes, Jack Johnson is a super nice guy and he shared with us how much he missed his wife while on the road. We even got a peek at his tour bus and skateboard.)
Man, look at what I was wearing!! That's a Bob Marley tee I bought on e-bay. I should add, I was wearing my home-made patch pants with it. I remember quite vividly someone pointing at me and saying, "Whoa! That girl is a phish-head!" I was so proud of that.
I wanted to be anyone other than who I was. While I do have an "earthy" side to me, I'm no hippie. However, wearing the proper clothing can fool a multitude of people into thinking otherwise...including myself.
I quite honestly didn't know who I was at this point in my life. I was a singer in a band, a hippie when I felt like it, a smoker, a drinker, a party animal, and a very lost person.

Here's another "hippie" pic with my bro.
I shared with Mike (the hubster) the other day that If I saw this girl today, I'd roll my eyes at her and be pretty annoyed. It's funny how silly we can look when we stop to consider those adolescent years.
I could share more "hippie" stories with you, but I'll save those for a rainy day. Plus, I have a friend who really looks forward to hearing those stories so I must use them sparingly. ;) I hope she's reading this and got to see actual photos.
There are some things I miss about this stage in my life. There's the feeling of being "free" that I still crave from time to time. I still love jam bands. I still love bluegrass music. I still love the smell of nag champa oil.
Here are links back if you've missed any part of this story so far.


  1. Whoa! How did I miss this series of posts?

    Amy, I think I have shared my perspective with you. The past, no matter how difficult, was can be a curse or a gift. With Christ, our past can be redeemed. Hope can burst forth in a redeemed, righteous memory, even a painful memory.

    Also, good music is good music! Jack Johnson? Patti Griffin? They're epic!

    Phish... not so much.

    I ramble. Just know that I enjoyed the posts, and the fact that you are allowing your past to told and redeemed.

  2. Instead of posting a comment on all three posts I thought I would post it here. Loved going through your past with you. You are so insightful in how you wrote it, even if you did leave some out. I'm very happy tha you have turned into a very Christian woman.


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