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Tuesday, August 5, 2008


I think it's just fun how seriously I DON'T take myself sometimes.

In honor of my upcoming evening out to see the play Wicked, I have unofficially tainted myself green...thanks to the power of Paint Shop Pro.

I'm so excited for tonight, I'm geeky. Last night I had the hubster cracking up at my terrible acting as I began to sing one of the songs from the soundtrack. I told him how tempted I am to get green face paint, a black dress, a broom stick, and perfectly witchy shoes to wear out tonight. If I did do all of this, I can guarantee at some point in the play, I would stand to my feet and belt out one of Elphaba's songs while in the balcony. Then I could say I lived my "15 minutes" as I would assuredly be dragged out of the theatre.

Oh, Elphaba. I can't wait to "meet" you tonight. I've read the book and know the soundtrack by heart.

OK, OK. I promise not to belt out the tunes tonight...during the play. Afterwards, though, all bets are off. I will have my iPod in my car just waiting to play the songs all the way home.

My poor Mom will need some excedrin, I'm sure. I'll put some in my glove-box right now.

I'll let you all know what I thought of it tomorrow. For now, I'm way too excited for words.



  1. OK, my son saw this and is desperate for me to make him green...I've got to check out this paint shop pro--I can do nothing with graphics!

  2. I loved the play. I'm thinking of going again in November when it comes back. Have lots of fun!!

  3. Thanks! Your Mom and I have had a lot of fun over the years in and out of church!

    I was very touched by your post to me..I guess it's a word to all of us "Mom's" that it's not just your own little ones watching you..we are all teaching others every day by awesome that you chose to remember the good things...I guess the key is to follow after God as best you as can...
    You might be surprised at how similar our lives have been...

  4. Wicked is one on my all time favorite musicals! The last time it came to Tampa, I actually wore a black dress and black hat to the show. My DD dressed as Galinda. I know...I am not playing with a full deck. LOL


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