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Thursday, August 7, 2008

I'm Learning... be satisfied. I used to think my problem was that I wasn't thankful enough. That's not the problem at all, it seems.
I've spent a lot of time in thought about this uneasy feeling I've been having lately.

What IS that!?!?

I finally had it revealed to me. I was speaking with my Mom about this on the way to see Wicked the other night. I told her how I've caught myself grumbling about things lately. Then, after I catch myself, I stop and tell myself to be thankful.

After a full explanation to my Mom, she said, "You need to be satisfied, Amy."

I knew she was right because I didn't have an immediate come-back for her.


In our American culture, what does that mean? I'll admit, I've caught myself in a fight to "keep up with the Jones' " and I don't even know who they are! I've been shaken awake and now I see this invisible force that hovers around every woman. Some women can tune it out and be content, but for the most part, women everywhere buy into the lies this "force" offers on a minute by minute basis.

I have to have this. I need this on my wall. My closet is missing that. I wish my shoes looked like that. I need that hair. I need that car.'s's everything. On and on it goes through our minds. We see it on every TV channel, in every magazine, in every store.

Why can't I shut this off? Why can't I make it stop?

I explained this revelation of mine to my hubster and told him that I think it gets even worse when women have children. Suddenly our minds are on the things we need AND the things our children need. I find myself CONSTANTLY looking at things and saying, "Alex would love that." This is the only justification I need to spend the money on it.
Houston, we have a problem.

I need to be thankful AND satisfied. (gasp) That's one taaaaaaaaaaaaall order. I think that otherwise, I'll find myself as miserable as other people I've witnessed. For right now, I know I'm not that far gone. I know that my "disease" hasn't reached stage 4 yet. But if I continue to feed into these thoughts, I'll become as jealous as Madame Blueberry (from Veggie Tales).


Seeing as it's taken me so long to get to the place where I'm OK with opening up to people and making honest to goodness friends, I don't want that to be ruined by envy or a jealous mentality.

Yes, I'm going to be satisfied. I'm going to change my mind about things. That doesn't mean that I'll never want anything again. I mean, come on, I live in America. Americans have too many things at their disposal to walk through life without want. I'm simply saying that I'm going to recognize when my "want" gets out of hand...or listen to the hubster if he sees it in me first.

Wish me luck! ;)


  1. Each week I write a love letter to the staff at Handprints, and last week it was all about being satisfied where you are. I know we talked a little bit about how we both struggle with this, and I'm right there with you. I'm determined to find satisfaction with my appearance, my home, my life. If I just keep waiting to be happy until I have all that I want... well, what a waste of a life. That isn't God's plan for me.
    If you need an ear, I have two.

    P.S. We missed you today.

  2. Oh my word, I totally understand. I live overseas and when I return to the states, I am amazed at all the "stuff"...I tell my husband I feel like it clogs my spiritual arteries. It is truly a battle to fight it. One of my remedies is the verse "Satisfy me in the morning with Your unfailing love..."

  3. Being satisfied is not easy! I am trying to be much more mindful of the difference between what I want, and what I need.

  4. I love your blog and thanks for stopping by mine!

  5. I know. For me, the materialistic thing was WAY worse in San Diego. It was such a relief to be here in Iowa where people just don't care quite so much.

  6. I'm so proud of you. It's better to make this discovery now instead of when you are in your 50's. It was a hard lesson for me to learn to be SATIFIED, to be CONTENT, to learn to "Have what I want and want what you have". Remember, God will give us the desires of your heart. The most important desire must be Him.

  7. Thanks for the post...makes me think about all my 'stuff.' You're right about once you get does give you more opportunities to think you 'need' more things. After 23 years of marriage and three kids, I'm feeling a little overwhelmed by all our stuff! I've started filling one box every week and bringing it to Goodwill...AND committing to not buying more. Contentment with material stuff is just the first step for me, though. Love your blog. B.

  8. this is really good! it challenged me this morning to be satisfied!

  9. "Let your conduct be without covetousness; be content with such things as you have. For He Himself has said, "I will never leave you nor forsake you." Hebrews 13:5

    Knowing and dwelling in His love is something that we all need to do more inorder to be content in nothing else but Him.


  10. wow!! what a encouraging post!! The LORD is teaching me as well what it means to be content in all my circumstances. THE enemy will always tell you you dont have enough, the even sadder thing is that I will believe the LIE and then feed it to my husband,who just wants to love and understand me..hmmmmm sounds familiar dosent it?? ( Genesis 2 & 3)
    Thanks for the post!

    The LORD and HIS GRACE is indeed sufficient for all our needs! LAmentations 3



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