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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

What Have I Done?

Often, while I'm sitting at home, my mind rolls around from one thought to another or one conversation to another. I think about a lot of things a lot of the time. I'm sure this is a gene I've inherited from my Mom. Still, it could quite possibly be a "girl thang" which means we'll never find a cure.

I was doing this random thinking thing today and started to think about a conversation I had with the hubster about a week ago. In that conversation, he said something that I thought was funny. I laughed my laugh and didn't think twice about it. However, when I replayed the conversation in my head today, I thought,

"(Gasp)He made a Steel Magnolias reference!"

And while it may seem like no big deal to you, I am sure that I've done it; I have overloaded my hubster with chick flicks. He is obviously suffering some sort of disease due to his overexposure. I think it's time to break out the Rocky movies and nurse him back to "health".

Oh, the silliness.


  1. I think you might need a testosterone marathon this holiday weekend! Then next week he can leave for work and say "I'll be back!"

  2. Nothing a few hours of "Braveheart" can't cure...and then at least you can enjoy Mel Gibson in a kilt.. :)

  3. I've got my hubby so hooked on chick flicks that he is starting to pick those kind of movies instead of the action ones!

  4. That is too funny! My hubby doesn't even go near the chick flicks. Maybe he thinks he is too manly? lol
    I love Steel Magnolias.


  5. lol I live with 5 men-folk on our farm...

    the only chick-flick I can watch is at 3am while they are sleeping! ;)

  6. LOL that is too funny. My hubby tries very hard not to egg me on by talking about the chick flicks I make him watch. He knows if he does I will break out another one :-)

  7. Haha. I've actually gone off chick flicks because of my husband. He loves the action-shooting-explosion-type movies and I've been watching them with him for so long that I now get bored when there's none of that included. :)


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