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Thursday, September 18, 2008

A Thousand Words Thursday

Alex and I have turned our kitchen table into a Fort. He loves to "hide" and drive his trucks in and out of the fort.
See? I can be a "cool mom"! ;)

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  1. you were a cool mom before the fort! We missed you today - feel better :(

  2. Aw! So adorable.

    You're a cool Mom Amy. I hope you feel better too.

  3. He is such a cutie! I have three boys and just love watching them with their cars and trucks and all the fun they have doing the simple things in life!

  4. Forts are always cool! Wait for the big empty boxes. Remember?

  5. How cute! My 10 month old loves pushing around cars and trucks. I find it amazing that he has picked this up at such a young age.


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