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Monday, September 8, 2008

Clumsy Diaries

Saturday was one of the clumsiest days I've had in a while. I almost lost a finger to my clumsiness.

In the morning, I was grabbing 2 pop cans that needed to be removed from my car. For some reason, I always carry empty cans by sticking my finger in the top and this time it backfired.

"OW! Son of a..."

I sliced my finger open on the pop can and started bleeding all over the place. Nice. Thank goodness I had a first aid kit on hand so I could clean it and put on a band aid.

Later on, I got myself a glass of water and placed it next to me on the floor. As soon as I put it down, Alex knocked it over. Great!

I cleaned up the spill right away and went to get another glass of water. This time, I put it down on the table and I spilled it all over.

At this point, I was very irritated and went to get another glass of water. I took a nice, big swig and put it down while I went to do something...I can't remember what it was. Anyway, I heard a "sploosh, sploosh" sound and turned immediately to my cup of water. Alex had stuck his arm in the cup and was splashing the water all over the place.

"RAR! For some reason, God does not want me drinking water! I give up!"

(I should mention how funny hubster thought he was when he cleaned up the spill and brought me a small glass of apple juice instead of my large cup of water. I didn't think it was funny.)

Thus ends the water scenario...but the story doesn't end there. Oh, no.

We put Alex in his bath and I was excitedly getting his new bath item open.(Pst. I'm reviewing this and doing a giveaway soon). Anyway, it had a plastic tie on it and I was trying to cut it off. I decided to use my pocket knife since it would cut better than the scissors I had already tried. Well, I sliced too fast and also sliced right into my pinky.


My pinky is now trying to heal from the deep gash I put in it via pocket knife.
Thank goodness there was an upside to all of this as Alex and I had a wonderful morning/afternoon together and have some fantastic pictures to prove it. (Thanks, Elle Bee. You're a great photographer.)


  1. Oh no, that stinks. Sounds like something that would happen to me. I sliced my finger some years back cutting a bagel and ended up in the ER, stupid clumsy mom moment.

  2. oww, I hope your finger heals soon.

    I had those moments too.


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