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Friday, September 19, 2008

Have.To.Go. Can't.Miss.

Oh! OMG, YOU GUYS! This musical is coming to Lansing (closer to me than Broadway) in January and I HAVE TO GO!
My Mom e-mailed me with the announcement of the tour stopping nearby and I flipped out. I got all tingly and shaky...kinda like Mary Katherine Gallagher...just not as obscene.  Ok, on second thought, maybe I didn't get like that at all. Ok?       OK?
Anyway, Legally Blonde is my second favorite modern musical. My first is Wicked but you already know that if you've been visiting for a little bit.
Am I talking too fast? I do that when I get excited. 
Elle Woods is the little blonde that could. Who couldn't use a role model like that? I think what I like most about her character is her positive outlook. I can relate with her.  
Stop laughing!
I'm a positive person...sometimes...mostly. 
I guess I can see where you're coming from if you can't relate me with "pink possitivity."  Honestly, when the concept of "Amy sees the world through rose colored glasses" came up at a pre-marriage counseling session following my personality test, I thought Mike was going to fall out of his seat. He couldn't believe it.  
Wait...I just got the connection between myself and Legally Blonde. Elle loves pink...I see the world as pink. Ha!
OK. I think I'm beginning to ramble on as I do when I get excited. 
I'm thinking as a way to buy my ticket for the show (musicals are expensive), I should host a fundraiser. 
Maybe not. I'll think of something. 


  1. I saw the movie and really enjoyed it. I love musicals, so this sounds like a really fun one to go to!

  2. I haven't seen this one yet - it's been ages since I've a show. But I did read the book Wicked (although I hear it's completely different than the book).

  3. Hi Amy!! I am visiting your blog from mom bloggers and I didnt know there was this musical coming out either!! I loved the movie, I will have to see if they are coming to CA!!


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