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Saturday, September 6, 2008

I Heart My iPod

I had a small road trip to make today. It was about a 45 minute drive. I had my son, Mom, and a friend in the car but my favorite passenger was my iPod. I hope that doesn't sound terribly rude. I just love the 30GB of music that is mine...just for my fingertips.

Music is defining in my life. For every "big deal" that happened in my life, there is a song that I can link to its memory.

Maybe it sounds silly. I just thought I'd share.
I heart my iPod. It plays the soundtrack to my life.

Do you have something like this that you love? Or maybe there's a song...or something else that is defining for you too??


  1. I feel that way about mine and my kids journals. Sounds weird since it is a little different than music but I love sitting in my living room and curling up with the journals and going back to the past it sometimes makes me appriciate the present!

  2. lol! I heart my ipod too. I can't go anywhere without it. It's always in my purse.I'm a music addict though. :)

  3. I love my iPod too!! I have a rule when we're in the car, we listen to whatever Mommy wants to listen to (they have to pay the price somehow of making me watch Yo Gabba Gabba and Little Einsteins all the time with them). I'm the same way as you that songs can take me back to a special memory of something that happened in my life or make me recall a person that I may have forgotten about.

  4. lol
    I have my cute pink I pod brent gave me for heart day last year. I have my "oldies" ie Sting, and my Christian music on it too but....I have a great list of OTR
    otherwise known as Old Time Radio Shows. I know what...huh...well, I didn't grow up with tv in the home and my parent turn me and my lil sister to the great land of the radio. 37 I still listen to them. It's great with I-pod due to not having to buy them. I just down load the ones I want to listne to them then when I need new ones or don't like it I just click "delete". Oh plus side I got the "bridge" version of Miss Jane Austen's great works. But the way the down load I just make a play list so I can hear them in order.
    Katrina in AZ

  5. Oh, I agree about music. Unfortunately I don't have an ipod. But I do have the last fm toolbar for foxfire on my computer, so I can listen to my favorites while working.

  6. I heart my computer. We laugh together, cry together, sometimes fall asleep together. I'm kidding. But for road trips I do have a secret obsession with audio books. They have the kind which you can download to your pod which means I can listen while I work out also. Yay!


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