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Friday, September 12, 2008

Lil Rinser Giveaway!!

My son has become deathly afraid of washing his hair ever since that one time when soap got in his eyes. I can't blame him for being traumatized but I wanted so badly to figure out a way to make bath time fun again.

Thank goodness for the internet and finding products like the Lil Rinser.
We received one of these in our home not too long ago and washing his hair is so much easier now. The Lil Rinser goes on his head almost like a visor and keeps the water completely off of his little face.

I LOVE this product and I am so excited to offer it to you as a giveaway! On the website, these sell for $9.99 plus shipping and handling. (not too shabby, right?)They also come in 4 different colors. The one I have to give away is purple on purple but let's be frank...if you can win one, who cares what color it is!

The other thing I like about the Lil Rinser is that it was designed by a Dad (with a loving wife and 2 children fully supporting him all the way).

To win the Lil Rinser, you have to do 2 things.
1. Go to the Lil Rinser website and look around.
2. Come back here and comment with your favorite feature about the product. (i.e. colors, design, handle...)

Of course, you can always have a few extra entries for subscribing, grabbing my button for your blog, or posting this contest on your blog. Please leave separate comments for each entry.

The winner will be selected on Tuesday, Sept.16th at 8:00 pm EST and will then have 3 days to respond to my e-mail before I move on to the next entry.

Good luck!


  1. This is a great idea! I bought a rinse cup with a flexible front that is supposed to keep water from getting into my daughter's eyes. I should have kept the receipt! Love the idea of the lil Rinser!!!!

  2. This is absolutely brilliant!!! We have a skylight in our bathroom and I have to tell him to "look up at the trees" in order to keep his head up for rinsing! :)

  3. that is great. my 4 year old hates to have his hair washed and my 1 year old won't sit. it looks like it fits like a little hat. My kids refuse to look up, so washing hair always gets messy! Defiently a wonderful idea!!! Yay for the "lil Rinser!"

  4. Shoot, I wish I'd thought of it. What a practical tool. My kids never look far up enough, and always end up with water in their eyes which they hate. It's a great idea. I like the way the handle makes it easy to hold against the head.

  5. This is a cute idea. My little guy still stands in the shower with holding a washcloth over his eyes while I rinse the shampoo out of his hair.

  6. i like this ideal because exspecially for my daughter she screams when getting her hair wash so with the lil rinser it says it will fit snug around her ears and the colors are so cute too.i would love to be entered in the contest. i bought this cup at walmart that has a flexable soft part on it that is suppose to do the same thing but it doesnt and she ends up with tons of water on her face so im always up to trying new ideals

  7. I have one of these and it has made hair washing a breeze with my daughter, she freaks when she gets her face wet. It's a great product.

  8. My favorite features are the soft rims that countour to their head and the handle! Thanks!


  9. We've tried so many different things, but maybe this will actually work, especially since the little one has so much hair.

  10. This would be so wonderful to have!! What a great idea! I love how simple it is to use.

  11. I love this! My sons hate to get their hair washed because I do it with a big cup. I love the fact that it looks like you can rinse the front of their hair well too with it. The visors that I have seen at the store don't let you do this.

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