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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Politics, Shmolitics!

All day long I hear on the news...and talk shows...and even on the internet about the upcoming election. I know it's important and I do take it seriously. I just can't help but feel like I need to shake things up a bit every once in a while and bring something fun to mind. 
This morning I was watching The View...they were talking politics...of course. BUT, they also had some veeeeeeeeeeery special guests on. You guessed it! New Kids On The Block came on to sing 2 songs. TWO SONGS! I had chills almost immediately and was glued to my couch while wearing the biggest perma-grin you ever did see. 
First, they performed their new single. It was adorable and I swear to you I felt like I was a pre-teen all over again. WOO! It's so fun to think about all of the memories of my love and devotion for NKOTB. More specifically, it's fun to remember the crush I had on Jordan AND Joey. (I used to make fun of Danny Wood and call him "Monkey Man." 
Did you miss their performance? No worries. Here's their performance of "Step By Step." Remember? Weeeeeee! 
Now, here's my proof for the day that God likes to laugh at me. I was driving home from an errand with Alex in the car and my iPod hooked up through my speakers. I set my iPod to shuffle through my many songs to be sure I don't hear the same song twice. Well, I was stoked to see that my iPod was smart enough to play "I'll be loving you" by NKOTB. I sang my guts out as Alex stared quietly from the back seat.  When the song ended, I was sporting a big, silly grin and waiting to see what else my iPod wanted to play. That's when I heard this...

Uh-huh! All I could do was laugh and admit to myself that boy bands are a silly concept. Oh well, I still love 'em.

How about you? What pre-teen heart throb was your favorite?



  1. Paul McCartney of the Beetles. He made my heart go pitter patter!

  2. Oh man. I sat on the second row of a NKOTB concert and I swear Donnie Wahlberg winked at me! Of course I had much larger hair then :))

  3. Not only did the NKoTB album come out yesterday, but the new 90210 started too. Talk about feeling like I was back in Jr. High again!

    Of course, you know I was in loouve with Jordan too. Too bad the doll belonged to Jessica!

  4. Stacy was a huge NKOTB fan. She used to have a NKOTB sweater and somehow it ended up on our dog. Hmmm, wonder how that happened.

  5. i loved NKOTB!!!! joey was always my fav. i had every button and poster i could get my hands on. when i heard they were back together with an album that little part of me who died years ago was reborn! thank you for the video i too sat glued to my computer for the whole thing with the smile and all.

  6. Ahhh...memories. I have an uncle who was a concert promoter so I was a lucky teen during hair band days and he ended his gig as a promoter with 2 concerts in a year for NKOTB. I got to hang with them backstage and elsewhere.
    Enjoying reading your blog as a new blogger myself!

  7. I wasn't a really big fan of NKOTB, but I love, love, loved me some Tevin Campbell. I STILL listen to his songs! I wonder what ever happened to him...


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