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Friday, September 26, 2008

Susan Brown's Baby (Review)

I have recently been introduced to...and am in love with...Susan Brown's Baby products.

If you've never heard of them, I'm so glad to know you're reading this now.
Here's something from their website:

Our pure and gentle luxury products are the result of years
of research by my family. My father, a chemist of over 30
years, has been producing naturally hydrating cosmetic
ingredients for some of the best-known skin care
companies in the world such as Estée Lauder®, Chanel®,
Clinique®, L’Oreal®, and Neutrogena®. 
When I was a baby, he would bring home his wonderful oils for
my mother to use in the nursery and over the years I have
continued to use them to keep my skin soft and smooth.
Because they were so effective, my mother and
I gave them to friends and family to enjoy. And now I
would like to share them with you.
Here's what I've been trying out for the past week:
  1. Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer
  2. Lotion to Powder
  3. All Purpose Botanical Gele'e
  4. Nourishing Lotion
  5. Diaper Therapy Ointment
One of my favorites from this list is the Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer. There are tiny little vitamin E moisture beads that make your hands so soft after you use it and it smells SO nice. I absolutely can not leave this one out of the diaper bag on an outing.

The Lotion to Powder has been working great. We actually just switched to a less expensive brand of diaper for Alex and had to powder his bottom after each changing. (Cheap diapers = zero absorbancy). The lotion to powder is less messy to apply and keeps his little tushy problem. Yay!

The Gele'e is a natural alternative to petroleum jelly. This is something else we use on a daily basis. I prefer Susan Brown's Baby version to any other since it's less greasy and easier to wash off of my hands.

The Nourishing lotion is FANTASTIC. It has such a light, clean scent and really works nicely to keep Alex's sensitive skin from drying up. (I like to apply extra to my hands when I'm done using it on Alex.)

And finally, the Diaper Therapy Ointment is the best I've used on Alex so far. I've tried all sorts of things on his little bottom. The problem is, his skin is sensitive...and I mean sensitive. If he gets a rash, it's just awful and it takes some pretty strong ointment to get rid of it. This ointment works in one day. Alex had a little bit of a red bottom...nothing major...but this ointment helped to clear it up.

Something I haven't tried out, but am really curious about, is the stretch therapy items. Susan Brown's Baby has Overnite Repair, Daytime Treatment, and a Warming Masque all made to help Mommy with those battle wounds stretch marks from housing baby for 9 months. Hello! Why couldn't I have found out about this when I was pregnant with Alex? I promise you, I'll be buying all three of these for my next pregnancy.

So, where can you find this stuff? Well, if you live in Michigan, like me, you're going to have to shop online. Not one store in Michigan carries this brand. Here's a link for the locations where these great items can be found.

I hope you'll try it out! Oh! They also have gift baskets for new or expecting moms. This would be such a great gift idea. :)

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  1. These look wonderful! I've been using Burt's Bees for years but there are chemicals in that brand I'm not excited about.

    I'll be on the lookout for this!


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