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Friday, October 17, 2008

Every Mom Has Earned This (A Freebie!)

I love offering giveaways with reviews. I think it's a great way to pamper my readers and get you some things for yourself or your child(ren).

Today, I have the BEST FREEBIE to offer EVERYONE! *yes, I'm yelling. It's exciting!*

I have a link to share that will get you a free cappuccino from Starbucks!!

Who couldn't use a free Starbucks?? 

Oh. There's also a coupon for 15% off a single item at Barnes & Noble.

OK, Mommies. Click HERE, print your coupon, and go get your free coffee. 

Thanks, Suzzanne, for sharing this with me. :)


  1. Thanks for sharing! Ironically, I am going with some friends to a B&N tonight to sip some coffee and buy books! This will be great!!!!!!

  2. YAY!! You rock! Thanks for sharing this...I am definately one mommy that could use it!

  3. I an use some free coffee, thank you!!

  4. Amy, you rock!!! This is awesome...thank you for sharing it!!

  5. Aren't you sweet, giving away coffees to us foggy mommies!

    I want to say I love the art on your banner. It's really gorgeous.

  6. Thanks for the link love, Amy! Hey, we moms have to share these freebies - sometimes there isn't much left after diapers, doctor visits, and happy meals! Have a great week~



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