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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Had a Fun Day

We took a trip to the Cider Mill today. It didn't go exactly as planned. We ended up somewhere that was exactly opposite of what we wanted. Unfortunately, the small orchard we wanted to visit had closed and the closest thing was the craziest cider mill in the state. (We didn't find out our initial destination was closed until we got there. Thanks for nothing world wide web.)

We decided to make the most of it and had a great time as a little family.

Here are some pics!

Holy Huge Pumpkin, Batman!

Why use a tractor to pull what a toddler can push? (He thinks he's So strong and we totally egg him on.)

Again, Alex is showing off his muscles. Hey, I'm impressed.

Where to, little lady?

More than anything, I love spending days with my little man. I love making memories with him.

Today, we sipped cider; Tomorrow, we Disco!  (I'm serious! You'll see!)


  1. So cute!!!!! Love the pictures. I too love making memories and thanks to you, Irene & Eric, I still am.

  2. GREAT pics! Looks like lots of fun!

    And check out my blog...there's something for you!

  3. golly wow! big pumpkins c: cute little kido c:

  4. Those are some big pumpkins! Cute pictures!

  5. That is one huge pumpkin. We just went to the patch in Wilcoxs. Just popped over to say hello and hope you are having a great week!
    Katrina in AZ

  6. Looks like a very fun time, even if wasn't your planned destination! Love those huge pumpkins :)

  7. Looks like a fun place! Those are HUGE pumpkins!


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