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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My Baby: A New Game For Nintendo DS

There is an adorable new game coming out for Nintendo DS! It's called "My Baby Girl" or "My Baby Boy".

This game won't be hitting the store shelves until November 10th so I'm excited to be able to share a "sneak peek" of the game with you.

Here's a little info for you from a press release I received:

Next month, SouthPeak Games will introduce the 21st century baby doll with the new My Baby Girl and My Baby Boy series for Nintendo DS. The new baby doll is designed to allow children to nurture, engage and raise their baby at their own pace with their own sensitivities, instincts and style. How they raise and relate to their baby will be their very own personal experience.

Players begin by choosing a name, ethnicity and eye-color for their baby. From baby's first smile, to her first steps players learn how to help their baby grow physically and emotionally. Along the way, players get help from a pediatrician who offers advice on caring for the baby. From how to change a diaper to how to hold a bottle, children learn all the ways they can keep their baby healthy and grow. As the baby meets certain developmental milestones, new age appropriate activities get unlocked.

This game is great for children ages 3 and up. Even I'm included in the "and up".

I visited this website where I was able to try out the game for myself (since I don't own a DS). This is adorable and I love it. It's something that is completely child/family friendly and will leave you with no worries as to what your child may be learning (like language, fighting, attitude...).

Please click the link above and let me know what you think! I would love to hear your opinion on it and find out how interested you would be in a possible, future giveaway.


  1. My daughter, Hannah, would really dig this!

  2. I love my DS! This sounds like a unique, interesting game. I think it would be great for kids!

  3. Hmm... I gotta say I'm not a nintendo fan. I mean, don't get me wrong, I played mario brothers when I was little-- but past that I haven't enjoyed playing anything!!

  4. We haven't ventured into the whole video game territory as of yet. But this does look like something my daughter would like! I did click on the link and tried it but I must either be too tired or too lame to figure it out because the baby kept saying "ooops" and the meter moved quickly away from the happy face to the sad face...heehee!


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