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Thursday, October 9, 2008

PictureItPostage (Review)

Wouldn't you love to get a card or letter with this postage stamp? I think it's just loaded with joy.

OK, fair enough. Maybe you would like your own picture on the stamp instead of my son's.

I was asked by the Family Review Network to try these out and I'm so glad I did.

This stamp will be used on my holiday cards this year and I can't wait to send them out. I almost feel like I don't need to send anything more than the stamp for our holiday card. :)

So, where can you go to make your own? Go to PictureItPostage and get started. The process is so easy and fast. You simply upload your photo, figure out how you want it to appear on the stamp, and choose the coordinating color you would like to appear on the stamp's bar code. Afterward, fill out your shipping/billing info, and choose the amount of stamps you would like to purchase. You will receive an e-mail after you make your order and another one when they've shipped out your stamps.

I knew my stamps would turn out adorable, but they look so good I'm hesitant to put them through the mail!

Here are some ideas of how you can use these stamps:
  • Wedding gift thank you cards
  • Baby announcements
  • Business logos
  • Birthday thank you cards
...and more!

A Contest

PictureItPostage is hosting a contest that starts October 31st. This contest is called the PictureItPostage "Get Real" Photo contest. They want to see the best of the worst when it comes to photos. Beginning October 31, simply visit, click on the “Get Real” contest button and upload the best of your worst photos. Beginning November 21, all visitors to the “Get Real” contest website will have a chance to vote for their favorite photos. What’s the Prize? Winners will be announced December 8. Two Grand Prizewinners will each receive a new Canon Digital SLR Camera and five PictureItPostage coupon codes good for 100 customized photo stamps. Ten First Prizewinners will each receive one PictureItPostage coupon code good for one pack of customized postage stamps.

Now this, my friends is a contest. I can't believe that 2 people will win a Canon Digital SLR Camera!!! I think you may see an entry from me over there if I can get a great shot.

I'll leave you all to check out PictureItPostage now. I encourage you to design your own for free. Their software is compatible with both Windows and Mac so go play with some stamp ideas.

1 comment:

  1. I love the idea of putting my kids on a stamp!! Yours came out really cute!!!


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