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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Dose Keeper (review)

all artwork taken from website.
Have you ever asked your spouse or your child's caregiver when the last time they gave your child medicine was only to have them not remember? Have you ever forgotten the exact time you gave your child their medicine?

Life is busy for us parents and forgetting something like that is common but dangerous. Thank goodness for smart moms with great ideas. Thank goodness for the Dose Keeper.


This nifty little thing fits on any size medicine bottle. It comes with ten sheets (where you can mark 50 doses) and a pencil.  All you do is mark down the date and time of the dose you give when you give it. That's easy enough for me.  The beauty of this is that you can hand over a medicine bottle with the Dose Keeper attached to someone else and they'll know exactly when to give another dose. AND, when you pick up your child from that person, you won't have any questions about when THEY last gave the medicine. What a great way to eliminate confusion and second-guessing. What a wonderful way to eliminate the fear of overdosing.

Here's what the sheet looks like: 

See how neat and tidy? I love this idea. 

What's even better about the Dose Keeper than what I've already mentioned?  It's ONLY $4.99. If you'd like to include an extra 15 sheets (or 75 dose entries), it will cost you ONLY $ .50 more. 

 This product was invented by a mom, Jenny Lee, but only after an extremely scary situation where she feared she overdosed her child on Motrin and called poison control for help. It turned out that she had not overdosed her daughter but had, instead, second guessed herself due to a lack of sleep from the long night spent monitoring her daughter's fever. 

Now, Jenny Lee holds free workshops and donates the Dose Keeper to low-income families.

"Over 57,000 accidental overdose of children's medictaions occur every year which has led to organ failure and death in chidlren." 

"After all, TO ERROR IS HUMAN, BUT NOT AT THE EXPENSE OF YOUR CHILD, a motto Jenny Lee tries to share with others." 

You can order your Dose Keeper on the website or get it from any one of the stores listed here.


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