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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Libman Wonder Mop (review/giveaway)

The hubster and I recently received a Libman Wonder Mop to try out in our home. I mention the hubster because he cleans the floors in the house. (Isn't that nice?) Prior to receiving the Wonder Mop, the hubster would clean the floors on  his hands and knees. He never complained and never wanted a mop. To him, a mop is too much hassle.

Well, our Libman Wonder Mop came and he got all excited to clean the floors.


Ah, just look at the man go. :) 

I asked him what he thought about the mop. His response was, "Oh, this thing is great!" ...He's a man of few words.

What I like about this mop is your hand never touches the water. There's a wringer sleeve on the mop that slides down and squeezes out the water for you.  You can also remove the mop and throw it in the laundry when you're done cleaning the floors! That's my favorite part. There's nothing like a dirty old mop in the closet to scare you away from housework.  Now, the hubster can always clean the floors with a clean mop.  Yes!

This wonderful item is included in the BIG giveaway from Libman and Weiman here on my blog. To find out more details, please CLICK HERE. One winner will be getting $100 worth of cleaning products!!!

*Thanks Family Review Network for this review/giveaway!*


  1. I have that mop! What I don't have is a husband who does floors...

  2. I got the wondermop really works "wonders"!

  3. WOW!! My hubby helps with the cleaning too...and that would be sooo great for him to use and throw into the wash. Please enter me.

  4. Ummm, are you able to email some type of something that I can slip into my children's drinks to make them want to mop and clean? :) Love it when ladies brag on their hubbies - I really don't think they hear it enough.


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