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Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Today, I learned of our new President Elect. While I did not vote for this man ( I just outed myself ), I will respect him and support him.

I've listened carefully to what the media is saying today.

I've watched footage of people's responses last night (I went to bed early) and found myself completely moved.

I even watched The View to see what they would have to say and this brought me to tears.

As a Mom, I'm happy that children all over our great nation are hearing this same thing from their parents. "No more limitations." What an amazing thing.

I mentioned above that I voted for McCain. I thought long and hard about this and I had to vote my morals and standards as a Christian. I'm not mad that he didn't win. In fact, I'm ashamed of those that boo'ed when he gracefully announced his support for our future President.

As an American, I choose to support President Elect Barak Obama. I think it's uber important (yes, uber), as we get ready for the next 4 years, to work together as a nation. We need to support our new President and help make this country a better place. We can not be waiting for what we will be given. Instead, we need to be actively giving of ourselves, our prayers, and our votes in order to turn this country around and see the "change" that we're looking for.

That's why I decided to be someone who has:

No more "red state, blue state". We're all Americans. We're all in this together. Let's start acting like it.



  1. if only i could think so maturely!
    working on it!

  2. Great sentiment! This election seems so much more important than previous ones for many reasons. It was a tough decision for me and honestly I didn't know who I would vote for until about an hour before we actually went to the polls. They both had beliefs that I really didn't agree with on different issues. Now that it's over we can all just move forward as a nation!

  3. I love your go purple!! I will admit I felt a little sad last night, the go purple works though!!

  4. I LOVE THIS IDEA. I am so grabbing your button for my page. I was so fed up with the election circus this year I was ready to pack up for Canada! How different things would be if people TRULY acted in a bipartisan manner.

  5. Well said. I can honestly say I did not vote for Obama, but I also did not vote for McCain. I am an American, and I can only hope for some unity in the future.

  6. I have been trying to tell Roberta just that all day she is very upset you know she is very emotional. also how do I grab the button I an new to this

  7. You rock, girl. A round of applause to you. This was a TOUGH election and way to go for working to unite the divided right now - even less than 24 hours after Obama was elected. Off to stumble you, purple woman!

  8. I like these blogs the best. The ones that are so Amy. :)

  9. Purple is good it is neither red nor blue it is the two coming together.I agree, lets come together, work together & pray together, One Nation under God!

  10. VERY well said. Love the purple!!

    I, too, was disappointed in the boos, but was, however, very impressed with the way McCain handled it and impressed with his concession speech. If only we saw more of THAT man during campaigning...

  11. Thank you! I love the way you think. This Country needs more people with your sentiments!!!!!!!

  12. I love hearing positive words!

  13. I love the idea of America going least for the next 3 years :).

  14. Found you through the Blog Carnival at Toni's. If only everyone wanted to go purple. I'll go hot pink, I don't care-as long as we can all get along!


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