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Monday, November 3, 2008

She Said What?

Moms can be rude sometimes...especially if they're in public amongst people they don't know or care about.

The other day, I was out collecting items for a school project. I stopped at an unmentionable store, parked next to the grocery carts (as always) and proceeded to take Alex out of the car and place him in a grocery cart. On the other side of the corral, another mom was getting out her grocery cart cover, her handbag, her diaper bag, and then her toddler girl. As I was pulling away the cart, I heard the girl say "I want THAT cart. Go wif him."

What did her mom say? Maybe a simple no could be inferred. Maybe something about stranger danger could have been said. Here's what she said,

"No, we don't ride in carts like THAT. That's how you get sick and die."

In my head I was yelling, "Oh, COME ON!" 

I used to be the obsessed mom who made sure not one part of the grocery cart was actually touching my son. It grossed me out when he would try to teeth all over the handle or the side of the cart. Well, he hasn't tried to eat a grocery cart in a long time and I've decided that a cover is too much work for me at this stage in his development. I'd rather plop him in, take him in the store, get what I need, put him in the car, and wash his hands.

Does she really think her child will get sick and die from grocery cart exposure? Well, I'm living proof that you can sit anywhere you like, lick the handle of a grocery cart, and even sit on the very bottom of the cart and be just fine. A grocery cart used to be a sort of jungle gym to me when i was younger and germs are germs are germs.

Now, don't get excited. I support the mom who wants to use a grocery cart cover simply based on the fact that they're absolutely filthy. I just ask that you please not assume that I don't care enough about my child if you happen to see me not using one.



  1. I can't believe she would say that. Over a grocery cart. Come on! I didn't even own one of those covers with my 3 year old. He gnawed on the carts all the time. Of course I tried to stop him but I wasn't always fast enough. And here's my thing with those covers. Unless you wash it every single time after you use it, aren't the germs still on the cover? And if you wad it up or even fold it, the germs will be all over it right? So is it really any safer than just plopping them in the cart? Maybe germs don't like that long? I'm not an expert. But I have a healthy 3 year old who chewed on shopping carts all the time so I don't think that mom has a basis for her argument! Ok, I'll end my novel now!

  2. what! she actually said that! she should have explained to her if she doesn't want her kid to ride there, not that way c:

  3. She would faint if she saw my kids! My youngest's latest thing is licking the sides of public water fountains. I don't know why she started, but I am always one tick too slow to stop her before she starts. Kids will get dirty and encounter germs in more ways than we can even think up. Sometimes you just gotta let it go.

  4. I am a non germaphobe. Jack gets into all kinds of things and I figure he is building his immunity. Like other moms have said,she would die if she saw the things I let my child get into.

  5. BAHAHAHA! what a psycho! its funny because with my first i used a cover, sanatized everything, personally inspected every bite that went in her mouth. with my second, who is now 8 months, whatever doesnt have visible dirt is pretty much okay to go in his mouth. my first was my practice baby.

  6. Oh geez! That's just rediculous.


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