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Monday, December 1, 2008

12 Days of Christmas Giveaways = A LOT of Winners!


This event was way too fun for me to host. Thanks to everyone for playing along. :)

Thanks to EVERY sponsor. All of you are amazing for taking an interest in this event.

OK, there are a lot of winners to list.

To choose the winners, I used but I won't be including the screen shots for each number drawn. You'll just have to trust me on this one. Every winner was checked to see that they followed the official rules.

And the winners are...

Don't forget, once you receive your e-mail, you need to send me your shipping info before I move on to the next winner. 

Keep an eye on that sidebar o' mine. More giveaways are coming!



  1. congrats to everyone! Great giveaway Amy!

  2. wow i can not believe i won something thanks so much you are totally making my baby girls Christmas cause i did not plan to buy that potty doll for her cause its so expensive but she really really wanted it thanks again so much and I'll be looking for your email ;)

  3. I'm so excited! Sissy will love the Polly Pocket Mega Mall. This will be going under the tree. Thank you so so much!

  4. My neices are going to love the precious moments girls club what a very special christmas gift. Thanks so mch

  5. Thanks Amy, that was a lot of fun:)

  6. have I said YAY yet? THANK YOU! :)

  7. yeah...My boys will have a blast with the track!

  8. If you already sent e-mails out I might have deleted it. I had a mass of e-mails from the hoiday and well got carried away, please e-mail me again, sorry

  9. woo hoo! Thank you so much Amy! I sent you my info. =) I hope you come participate in my Virtual Cookie Exchange on Friday and win!

  10. i LOVE the poncho, it is cute beyond words!


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