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Thursday, December 4, 2008

A Thousand Words Thursday

In honor of Brent and Katrina.
Brent just found out his cancer is completely gone from his liver and is so small on his lung that it can't be biopsied. If that isn't worth a thousand words of praise, I don't know what is.

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  1. Yay Yay YAY!!! We've beat it once with my mother in law, but lost my sister in law, I love to hear stories of people kicking cancers ASS!

  2. That makes me cry.... Praise God :)

  3. What a lovely tribute!! Great news!!!

  4. Great news and I love the bracelet! Keep up the faith

  5. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!! That is sooo great!!!

  6. I have a friend who's going through this with her hubby, they're hoping his cancer becomes small enough to remove as well. Thoughts and prayers!

  7. Amy you are a sweet h-e-a-r-t.
    Thanks for the tribute.
    I hope some day you , me and Elle Bee can come together and meet in the middle of this vast country of ours so we can give each other real hugs. but until that day.
    Here is one for now
    ((( )))

  8. WOO HOO, My Wednesday Photo was of my bald head two years ago in chemo. Jan 24th makes THREE YEARS!!!!!


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