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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Going Crazy

I've been sitting on my duff and working on the final details for my big, group project presentation tonight.
I don't talk about school much on here, I know. I just want to get through it and focus on my other interests when blogging.
So. I have a tendency to be independent. This means, I'm not a huge fan of the "group project" idea.
Now, (fun for me) I feel like I got myself in over my head.
Someone please get me a coffee and a forklift. I've got a headache and A LOT of things to bring for the "gig" tonight.

(I better get an "A")



  1. I never liked group projects or study groups either for that matter. I think it's because I like things done my way. hee hee

    Good luck on your project!

  2. Good luck! Hope it all goes well! I'm sure you'll do just fine! I don't like group projects must be Type A? LOL!!

  3. A in my books. Good luck with it.

  4. Good luck with your project! I have a big "event" I'm organizing and I'm feeling your pain right about now!


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