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Monday, December 8, 2008

If I Could Give HUGE to One Organization...


...I would give to Vision Hope

I've had the blessed opportunity to be a part of this camp for 3 summers. I've seen this organization change lives and inspire hope in many, many children. Every summer, the children leave the camp different; they hold their heads a little higher and believe they are valuable.

This camp not only changes the lives of the children who attend; it also changes the lives of the adults who volunteer.

My own story goes a little like this. Although I grew up in a loving home with Christian parents, I've experienced different types of abuse throughout my life from people I knew and trusted (not family...just to be clear). I learned from the age of 5 that people should never be trusted and had that confirmed in my life over and over as I grew into an adult. I suffered the hand of physical abuse as well as the voice of verbal abuse in relationships and had no sense of self-value. Things started to change for me when I met the hubster. I think even my mom can testify to that. He was amazing and trustworthy.

I decided shortly after I was married to the marvelous hubster to go through a 12 step study. I had to face the demons of my past if I were ever to be healed from my experience. Halfway through my 12 steps, I volunteered for CFL Kids Camp for the very first time. I learned very quickly that I had a lot in common with the children I met. I understood their actions a little more than the volunteers who had never gone through what I had. Because of that understanding, I was able to speak into those little lives with words of hope and love.

This camp changed MY an adult. I learned that no matter how ugly my past is, I can use my experience in a positive way. I can help those little ones who are going through the same thing or are healing from their own ugly past.

This is the kind of hope that Vision Hope inspires. For this reason, I would give HUGE to them if I could. There are things the people behind the organization need. However, if they ever had the money to buy the things they need, they would put it towards the children first and always.  These people are so giving...that's why I would want to give to them. 

I've entered a contest that would help them imensley. Please pray. I would love to win this for them as a way for me to give back. If anyone deserves it, they do.

My most recent experience at camp is here on the blog.  Just go to the top of the page and type "Camp" into the search field. That will bring up a page of entries. :) Thanks!


  1. I appreciate your honesty. It is always hard to face those demons. You are an inspiration to many. Just by telling your story, you have made a positive impact on someone today. Never let that go unnoticed.

  2. Thank you for your visit on my blog and your nice comment... You make me smile!! How I cope - just because I love to do this...

    Merry Christmas and happy New year.

  3. I will whisper a prayer for you to win for continued healing.

    It is very hard to face the demons...many cannot understand who hasn't been there. It helps tremendously when you have someone...people who understands and willing to help.


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