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Sunday, December 28, 2008

My Christmas Review

This year's Christmas proved to be quite interesting. My little family planned on doing 2 days of Christmas back to back with family. 

Christmas Eve arrived and we were going to my in-law's for the day. Unfortunately, I barely made it out of bed and grew very sick very quickly. I had to send Alex and the hubster off to Christmas Eve without me as I stayed home alone and watched movies.  I was SO upset that I was missing everything.  :(

...I'm not pregnant...don't get too excited.

On Christmas day, I was feeling better...not quite 100%, but I decided I wasn't going to miss anything. The day turned out wonderful. We spent time with my family and my in-laws joined us for dinner. 

Alex really enjoyed himself. He loved opening his gifts and playing with every one before he moved on to another one. Here are a few pics from his morning:

We just LOVE Melissa & Doug toys

These blocks are the coolest. Alex just loves dumping them out and sorting them.

Here is just one of the MANY Little People sets Alex received.

And, since this is MY blog, I get to brag about my fave gift this year. Oh, boy, do I love this! 

I got a Pink Nintendo DS Lite. 

 Isn't she cute? 

What's that? 
Oh, the "Rocker" hand? 

That's from playing Guitar Hero on this pink beauty.

You didn't know I was a "rockin' mama" did you? 


What was your favorite gift? 


  1. I need to do a christmas review! hope to be back to blogging by tomorrow :)

  2. my favorite gift was my new tennis shoes. i've been running and my old ones are worn out!!

    btw, my princess got a nintendo ds lite in pink for christmas and she loves it, too :)

  3. Yes! My husband got me the pink DS lite last year for my birthday and I loooove it. He put a cute flower DS carrier in my stocking this year too!

    Looks like it was a great Christmas, minus the not feeling well part.

  4. Sorry you were sick! I got a pink ipod shuffle from my sister. I am so excited because my ipod broke almost a year ago.

  5. favorite gift were a set of gift certifcates to all my favorite places to eat and drink coffee. I am especially excited because I get to take my hubby with me on some very nice dates!

  6. That pink ds is gorgeous. I have a pink one too, only it's the original model. My favorite gift this year...well Santa brought us a new DVD player which was much needed since our old one only worked half the time. But my favorite was my blue milk that hubby prepared for me. You can read the story about blue milk on my blog under an old post called "Ten Random Things About Me." :) Hope you're feeling better!

  7. My son LOVES his DS, and I secretly play it sometimes too! Maybe next year I should ask Santa for one of my own!

    I got an XM receiver and a new pair of Uggs! YAY! I love "boots with the fur"! :-)

    Happy New Year!

  8. you poor baby. I am there with you on being sick on a major holiday (if Turkey day counts:-))
    I have a pink DS too! It matches my pink I-pod i got for heart day last year from my Brent.
    I got a new mystery game this year for it. But my favorite present this year is having my parents here. In my 12 years of marriage this was the first time we got to spend the holidays with them. Amen.

  9. Ugh..I've been SOO busy the past week and have missed so much in "bloggy land"! You've been in my thoughts though...and I'm lovin the pics! :) I'm sorry you were sick..that stinks!

  10. awesome presents... my hubby is deployed, so I didn't get any gifts this year... bummer.. lol..

    BTW there's a little something 4 u @ my blog.. and Happy New Year!!!


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