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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Penn Says

I was reading the blog of someone I grew up with and she had posted this. She said it really got her thinking so I was curious enough to take 5 minutes and watch. Well, Lori, I watched it and it brought me to tears.
Maybe you have 5 minutes to spare too. Please watch this and see if it doesn't make you think.

Thank you, Lori. I'm a little changed after this. 


  1. Don't know who this guy is but that was a good video!

  2. Interesting.. I don't want to get a religious on here, but my husband is an atheist but he is still polite and open minded and respects others beliefs. that's what its all about. Respect.

  3. Such a good thing to share. Sometimes reaching out a little can make a big difference. You might not see the results or outcome right away...but in time.

  4. As someone who leans towards his way of thinking (not athiest but agnostic), I must say that respect is HUGE. I respect all people of all faiths and don't expect them to change simply because I believe something else. And on the same note I don't degrade or belittle them fo having their beliefs for the same reason.


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