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Friday, December 19, 2008

Snowed in and Blurry Vision...

Well, the big BLIZZARD of Winter '08 has hit. It's snowing like crazy outside and has been from about 4:30am.  You would think area's citizens would stay-in and accept defeat but not MY hubster. Oh, no. He woke up, got ready, and drove his little Ford Focus through the blizzard to his job that is normally 30-40 minutes away. Thank goodness he's safe.

Alex and I have a fun day of chill-axin' in store. We've got our favorite videos, some awesome new things to play with (thanks to his little santas) and a few art projects in mind if things get too boring. We may get cabin fever but we'll be safe, warm, and together.

The view from our 3rd story condo.
The snow is piling up on our balcony.

Now, I'm trying to figure out what is going on with my eye balls. For some reason my vision is really blurry today. Normally, my eyes are fine. I do have to wear glasses for reading but that's it...and it's a very weak perscription at that. I thought today was just like any other until I got a text message from the hubs. The letters were standing on top of themselves AND if I didn't know which letters went to which number on my keypad, I would never have been able to respond to him. Even now, at this very moment, I see a blurry version of what I'm typing.  What is going on?

Hmmm....well, I hope it passes.


  1. I'm from ND so I know what you mean! Thank you for coming by my blog and entering the giveaway! hope you win!

  2. wow, that's wierd! i hope you find out what it is.
    i want to see pics of alex doing his paint with water :)

  3. hope your vision will be unblurred soon. stay warm.

  4. I would love some snow right now. I hope your eyes are doing better,my eyesight is always like that, I am a permanent four eyes.

  5. What a beautiful picture of the weather! As we sit with highs in the 70's after 20's yesterday! Ya know I couldn't understand why they were calling this week one of the worst in history for snow storms- until they announced today was the FIRST actual day of Winter- that makes more sense- it wasn't even winter yet!!!!

  6. Grandma asked if you were ok. I told her I hadn't read your blog yet, but I had talked to you on the phone and you hadn't said anything. She was releaved and said she'd stop worrying. Ok, here's my question.....should I be concerned? are you doing better?


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