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Friday, January 30, 2009

Forget-Me-Not Friday

The saying goes, "You learn something new every day."  Sometimes, the lessons we learn or the stories we live out are worth jotting down so we never forget. 

Forget-Me-Not Friday is a place to share one special moment from your week. Post that moment on your blog and leave your link below in Mr. Linky. Remember, sharing and swapping stories is a great way to get to know other people and make new friends.

My Forget-Me-Not:
Alex is now in the habit of folding his hands to pray before eating any meal. I think it's the most adorable thing. Recently though, whenever the hubster prays over dinner, Alex just has to blurt something out. We have no idea what he's saying. It sounds like he starts out with "bless" but after that, well, only God knows. :) I always laugh silently to myself while my shoulders shake up and down. 
The most precious thing about Alex blurting out, is that he's very serious. He's not trying to be silly at all. He says his prayer and then is quiet until his dad has finished his. After that, the grown-ups say, "amen" and Alex says, "Grrrrrrrrreat!" lol

What's your forget-me-not?



  1. that is super adorable!!! Aren't they they funnest age right now? i love it!

  2. Hey girlie! I gave you a little LINKY LOVE on my blog :



  3. LOL that's sweet! Grrr = amen! One of our nieces is getting the grace and prayer thing down. She came over last weekend and very excitedly told us that she "Father Son spirited" at church. It took me a minute to figure out what she meant ;)

  4. my daughter (almost 2yo) loves to pray. in the middle of dinner the other night she had her hands folded and she just started listing names of people that we knew.

  5. before i forget...i can't get your button onto my page for some there another way to get it?

  6. Thanks for the great Friday post! I just had to join. I loved your prayer story, about all my 2 year old gets is Amen, but it's a start!


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