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Friday, January 9, 2009

Friday's "Forget-Me-Not" #1

I've decided to start something new on my blog. Every Friday, I'll host "Forget-Me-Not Friday". I think it's important to remember the lessons, the laughter, and other moments; small or large. These are the moments that can be defining if we take a moment to recognize them.

Your "Forget-Me-Not" can be about whatever you want it to be. I'm sure entries will vary from week to week. Let's not let these funny, sad, learning, thoughtful, thankful,...times go unnoticed.

To play along, Post your "Forget-Me-Not" memory/lesson/story to your blog and link back to it here using Mr. Linky. Don't forget to post a comment here and on other participating blogs. Sharing memories is how we build relationships.

My "Forget-Me-Not":
On Monday or Tuesday, I was changing Alex's diaper and explaining to him that he needed to lay still so I could wipe his "tushy". I thought I would be funny later and ask him where his tush was after the hubster got home. Alex bent over, pointed his index finger to his bottom, and said "Tuuuuuuuuuush" in his cutest munchkin voice. I about fell over laughing and asked him to do that again and again for about 2 days after.



  1. How cute. One of the biggest joys of my life has been listening to and watching little ones. They never cease to amuse me!!

  2. ha! so cute! I will have to play along next week for sure. what a great idea :)

  3. So sweet. I like the forget-me-not idea! I'll try to come up with one for next week for sure.

    Not sure if you knew or not, but the button that comes up in your html coding for your newest button is actually a bags for Brent thumbnail. I was super confused as to why I had 2 of those buttons on my blog. Ha! Just thought I'd mention ;)

  4. Love the idea of coffee and a causual chat. Love the page layout.

  5. Ahhh...just check out my last's a total Forget-Me-Not!


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