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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I Resolve To....Eat Ice Cream

Hallelujah and thank heavens! Baskin Robbins has introduced "BRight Choices".

This new selection of ice cream flavors was made to fit the lifestyles of people who choose to live a healthy life. It also includes some flavors that are fat free, sugar free, dairy free, or light. Don't worry, Baskin Robbins has made sure that these new ice cream flavors are just as yummy as their original selection.

OK, so, I know most of you won't just run into Baskin Robbins for this new ice cream. That's why this next part is the best. January 15th (mark it on your calanders) is "BRight Choices Day". On this wonderful day, participating Baskin Robbins shops will give a free scoop of BRight Choices ice cream to those who have proof of a gym membership. Just look for the pink star on the flavor tags. This star will indicate BRight Choices.

Check this out. This is the flavor I would L-O-V-E to try. 



Don't forget to visit Baskin Robbins on January 15th!

You can visit to see more new flavors and find the closest location to you.

(Remember to call ahead to make sure your location is participating)


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