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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Professor Lady Strikes Again

This WOMAN! I swear I've never been so confused by one professor EVER in my college career.

So, last week I was straight bummin' that I wouldn't have any dish on the professor lady to share. The week went well, I got my work done, and the professor lady was actually kind. She kept sending me encouraging notes telling me I was doing well.
"Aw, shucks, professor lady. I won't blog bad about you any more."

And just like that...the love affair is over.

Sure, she thought I was doing great...but she refused to give me credit for my work! Why, you ask? Simple. Because...well...she made a mistake. Apparently she feels I was not online the proper amount of days.

Well, excuse me very much! I sure was! I was on for 5 days...per your request. I posted 6 answers in those 5 days AND...yes, AND...I re-posted an answer to a question you felt I could have dug a little deeper on. FOR WHICH YOU SENT ME A VOICE MESSAGE SAYING, "GREAT WORK, AMY"!!!

Dear, sweet, professor lady. Please don't make me reach through my computer and give you a "V8". You're making me just a tad bit loco over here.

First, it's loads of discouragement from you. Then, it's praise and no grade? I think I'll take the former of the 2 given a choice.
P.S. Check your inbox, please.

Goodness, gracious. Pull another day off the calender for me. I only have 6 weeks of this nonsense left.



  1. 6 weeks...good luck. I had a professor in college who didn't know what she was teaching. It was supposed to be an online class but we had to go to the computer lab because really...she didn't know what she was doing.

  2. "Patience/perseverance must finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything"
    James 1:4
    Sometimes God chooses the oddiest things to use to do what needs to be accomplished in us.
    Hang in there.....six weeks will be gone in no time!

  3. 6 weeks of nonsense is better than a lifetime of it!

  4. I love when you blog about professor lady!!!!! I know she drives you crazy, but it is very entertaining for your readers:) THANKS!!! Hang in there 6 weeks!

  5. LOL @ the V8 (I could use one this morning also!)

    Sounds like she is the one that is LOCO. *Insane in the Membrane?



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