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Saturday, February 7, 2009

A Lovely Day For Cabin Fever

Yes, yes, y'all.
Cabin Fever has got the best of me.
I'm not sure who you thought I was before this, but I DO realize that all may go right out the window.
Watch. Enjoy. Shake your tail feather. Be sure to come back once my "crazy " has worn off and I'm back to myself. ;)



  1. my sisters and i used to sing and dance to that song all the time! so funny!

  2. Your welcome Child!!!!
    I love when you have Cabin Fever, at least I gett a good laugh!
    Only thing is, I want more. So when is the next one?

  3. Hooray for OOE!!! I used to play that song on my college radio station ALL the time!!! It was sooo nice here in NC today we got out of the house.

  4. Yup you've lost it alright. Ah, flashbacks of us back in the day! Better than laughing hysterically at, well, nothing that is actually funny except that you're laughing hysterically. (I need one of those right now I think)


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