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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Clickfree (review)


It seems as though life is lived on the computer these days. People have gone digital in photography and have cameras that upload onto their computer. Professionals have their schedules and spreadsheets galore on their computer's hard drive. 

What if your computer blacked out right now. Did you back up every picture, video, and/or document you could? 

I store all my family photos and CD's on my computer so I would be completely devestated if they were gone at the snap of a finger. Thankfully, I don't have to stress over that anymore. 

Clickfree has given me the easiest way to back up every file from my computer to it's hard drive. I was lucky enough to be able to try out the 160GB Portable Backup Drive. Now, I'm not a huge fan of reading manuals when I try something out. I like to test how user friendly products are and base my review on that. The packaging suggests to simply connect the Clickfree to the computer and your files would be backed up.

I was skeptical, but I gave it a shot. I connected the cord to the Clickfree and to the USB drive of my computer. No sweat. Just as the packaging said, Clickfree brought up a window on my computer, searched through the hard drive for every photo, video, document and mp3, and backed it all up. I literally didn't do anything besides plug it in and unplug it when it was finished.

I need to mention that this hard drive will back up many more files than I have mentioned. In fact, it will find and back up over 400 different file types. Have more than one computer? No problem. You can back up one computer's memory, unplug the Clickfree and plug it into another one. As long as there is enough memory left, you can transfer this between computers as needed.

Also, you can continue to back up files as you add them to your computer. Since the Clickfree does a very thorough job of finding files with it's first use, it will only take a short time to find the new files you've added and back those up as well.

Here's one more great idea for use of the Clickfree. If you ever take a trip or have a special event, you may take a lot of pictures. With the Clickfree, you can upload the pictures to your computer, back them up, and make room for more pictures on your memory card. This way, you don't have to go through every picture until you're ready.

So, tell me, would you like one?



  1. I would love love love one!! I need to get one. I have pictures from when my daughter was born on our computer to today! I can't imagine if I lost those pics!! Thanks for the review Amy.

  2. Amy, I honestly never thought about this ... ALL my pics are here on my laptop... a half written book... bank and will information... aghhhh! Yes I want one! Nope... I NEED one!

  3. I would love something. Recently I bought an external hard drive to do just this. We put all of iTunes and some files on it. Then a few days later I went to start putting all our photos on it and the thing shut off and never turned back on. After a friend looked at it he said there is nothing to be done it's all gone.
    So now I'm trying to find one to replace that one and very upset about all the hours of reloading my CDs to iTunes....

  4. I so need one of these to help eliminate all the discs I have stored my pictures on. Just last year I had to reformat my hard drive and lost all my music. This would have solved my problem. I have been looking for one.



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