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Friday, February 27, 2009

I'm Officially NOT EATING Anymore!!

Yesterday and today...blech...

I feel alright until I eat. After I eat, I start feeling sick to my stomach. I tell ya what! I'm tempted to fast until this tummy bug passes.

I think I'll go on a liquid diet.

Am I being over dramatic? Perhaps. I don't "do" sick very well. I hope I'm not getting sick.

Alright. Well, if you need me, I'll be laying down. (big pouts). 

I'm pitiful, huh?



  1. my thoughts exactly!!!
    i'd much rather have you be preggo than have the stomach flu i had! i did all that suffering and have nothing to show for it!

  2. LOL I'm not gonna say it...

    Um hope you feel better! I don't do that kind of sick well either. I turn into a big baby. I can handle a cold, I can handle a fever - but nausea and throwing up? The worst. :(

  3. I'm joing the chorus LOL prego has a much better results the the flu.

  4. Alright...alright...where did all this prego talk come from? lol
    too funny
    i didn't even consider that. i'm just too busy complaining, i guess.

  5. Dear Mrs, I am stopping over from Tucker's blog and needed to ask a question. I see that you have entered the Flat Iron raffle. Thank You, however I cannot find which donation entry you are. Please email me your name or email addy that you used. Thanks!

    crackerjacks51603 at yahoo dot com

  6. Hope you feel better!!! The bug stinks!!

  7. my hopes are that you will start feeling better soon

  8. I prey that a stomach bug will come my way! Trying to loose 50 lbs


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