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Thursday, February 12, 2009

It's Friday The 13th!

Are you ready for some fun?

This is what happens when I mix Friday the 13th craziness with the love from Valentine's Day.

Like I said before, I worked almost all week on this. It was difficult since my hands were full much of the week with a teething tot and a ton of homework (thanks, professor lady). I was dedicated, however, and finally finished my project just in time for today!

Get your laughing pants on!

Friday the Thirteenth Valentine from Amy Clary on Vimeo.

I crack myself up sometimes. Being silly is so fun.



  1. LOL!!!! Seriously cracking up over here! Hilarious Amy :)

  2. holy crap you crack me up girl. so glad I am not the only crazy LOL

  3. Amy,
    You are cracking me up. Great video!

  4. That was bloody brilliant!! I love it!

  5. I'm waayyyyyy impressed! You did an awesome job, and it looks like you had quite a bit of fun too!

    Happy Valentine's day you crazy girl!

  6. What can I say??? Dad says he thinks you have toooooo much time on your hands. I say, not enough. He suggested that you should come over and help paint! I told him that wasn't a good idea as the fumes would go to your head! Remember the fumes from paint stripping the wainscoating?

  7. Not only was that hilarious but there were some really cool effects in there. Well done!


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