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Monday, February 2, 2009

Jenny Pie Productions (review and giveaway)

I'm SO very proud to tell you about this new etsy store. It turns out, my "sister" Katrina has a very creative biological sister, Dagny. Dagny's story is truly inspirational and a testimony of God's faithfullness in His time. After 10 years, God gave her the child she and her husband prayed for.

Now that Dagny is mom to a beautiful little girl, she's inspired to make and sell things for little ones everywhere. She opened her own etsy store, Jenny Pie Productions, is extremely talented, and sells some adorable items. Here are a few of my favorites:

This is a hand-crocheted BLT for little ones to play with. I love me a good BLT and I love how stinkin' cute this one is. Guess what? It's only $5. Seriously! What a great way to encourage imaginative play in children.

Another adorable, $5 find is this hand-crocheted Smore. I love it!

If you love adorable, winter decor and want to help a great cause, this is the guy for you. Dagny makes mister Jack Frost from scratch, sells him for $50, and donates every penny to the University of Arizona Cancer Center for research.

Alex's favorite? Easy. He loves his squeezer.

This squeezer has trucks on it, something near and dear to Alex's heart. He loves to carry it around, point out the trucks, and squeeze it to hear the crinkly sound it makes.  Dagny sells these in different fabrics and colors. There's also a hook on one end for smaller ones so you can hook it to a car seat, or entertainer.

Here's the one she's giving away:


The back of this Squeezer is a solid, red fleece. This is very cute and would be perfect for either a boy or girl.

You can buy your own at Jenny Pie Productions for only $6.

To win:
  • Visit Jenny Pie Productions and comment here with one other thing you like (that I didn't already mention).  This is your first entry. 
  • For additional entries:
    • follow this blog
    • subscribe to the "dot com" feed
    • grab my button for your sidebar (or both for 2 entries)
Please leave separate comments for each entry! This giveaway will run until Feb.9th at 8:00pm ET.



  1. I'm not entering because my little one is almost 7 but I wanted to say that those are too cute! I love etsy!

  2. I just love the Sushi (Toilet) Roll - toilet paper cozy! How original!

  3. can i just say that this is the cutest stuff ever? i love the "My Stars" sensory toy. Zoey would eat that thing up! Please count me in!

  4. i love those smores & the blt! absolutely adorable. i'd say, i love the sushi roll! i must be hungry or something.. i only see food! :)

  5. the my stars crib sensory is awesomme and would be a great addition to our new nursery

  6. I really like the stars and stripes teether! Thanks for the chance and come over and enter some of my giveaways!!


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