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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Time for some Coffee Talk!

Please don't forget to check out my giveaway at Thoughts from the Mrs.

I'll have some more giveaways coming up soon! 

P.S. I won the blog makeover!!! As soon as I have time, I'll try and put together a "victory dance" for ya! YAY!



  1. So glad you won your makeover :) I'm looking at getting one done since I haven't won any....Just waiting to run the prices by the Mister.

    I'll probably get him drunk first. And slip him a usual ;)

  2. Okay, now that I watched your video {sometimes I get ahead of myself and comment prematurely}....

    I like your music videos. I think it shows how fun you are :)

    Can't help ya on the pre-schooling thing lol

  3. Congratulations on winning the makeover!

  4. Couldn't have happened to a nicer blogger....Can't wait for the VICTORY dance.

  5. Yay for the blog make-over! I know you're excited.

    I can't say I've been surprised by your "music video"s, I'm used to your antics by now. 29 years of conditioning has paid off, Sarah however thinks your are HILARIOUS. She loves watching her Aunt Amy on the computer.


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