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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Tot-School ~ 2/08

We're having a lot of fun with Tot-School! If you'd like to join in, visit the link and learn how.

This week we've been working on a "love" theme. I'm going to try and take it as far as I can this month.
Here are a few of the things we've done:

In our "love" theme, we were working on the color "red". I blew up a red balloon and we played a game of "keep it off the floor" together. I kept talking about the red balloon as we played and he asked for it again later.

Alex enjoyed playing with red play-doh...
...and colored a red ladybug.
Alex enjoyed these alphabet, puzzle cards. I'm not sure who makes them but I bought them from Scholastic a few years ago.

This is our version of the love poster. Every day we read the scripture and stick another heart on the window. He loves doing this. :)

We also spelled out the word "love" with his alphabet clings.

We enjoyed reading these two stories and...

...Alex even got a special valentine in the mail from his friend.

We had a very fun week and can't wait for more!



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