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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Tot-School (a few days late...but..)

Alex and I have actually been doing Tot-School activities for the past few weeks now. I love the idea of finding ways to incorporate education into his everyday activities. Here are some things we've enjoyed.

Alex loves his "special story", Brown Bear, Brown Bear. I made this felt board story for him. You can find the animal patterns here
We love playing with Play-Do together. It's a great sensory activity and helps his fine motor skills.

We played a matching game with these adorable cards. These cards were discontinued so I found them for $3. :)

We spent time looking over the alphabet. These peel-and-stick letters were found at the dollar store.

We made the train lapbook together. I sneaked in a picture of Alex as a train with the rest of Thomas & his friends. :)

Finally, we had some music & movement with Milkshake. (stay tuned to this blog for a full review & giveaway of a CD and DVD.)



  1. I'd love to see more of your Thomas lap book. How did he like it? I've been wanting to try to make one of those (a lapbook) for my kiddos. Thanks for sharing your learning ideas.

  2. you've got some good ideas going on over there! i want to go to the dollar store now!

  3. You gave me some really good ideas. I have been wanting to do some pre-k activities with my little ones at home, but just didn't know where to start. I will definitely look at dollar store for those letters stickers and I want to get some flash cards too. Also just for you or anyone else. I got my girls Computer cool school for Christmas. Its by fisher price and it helps with having them practice writing, it reads to them, does math, free drawing, music and science and they love it. So I will have a pic of it up on my blog later when I finish laundry and have some time. Thanks for the ideas tho.

  4. How many months is he again? I need to start doing this with Evan. We color and I teach him different animals in books and we go to the zoo a lot. He also knows all of his body parts...but I need to start doing some of this too! It looks pretty easy and lots of fun! Thanks for the ideas!

  5. Those are so6me exce.llent idea1s! I love the concept of tot school. I'm going to have to start doing this with my son. THanks s+o much for the- tip!

  6. Great job Mama! It looks like fun ;)

  7. What a cutie! Gotta love those dollar store finds. Eh?

  8. I miss Thomas, and I never thought I would be saying that. Brown Bear, Brown Bear..we still have that book. Fabulous pictures.

  9. That looks like so much fun! Can I send my kids over? :-)

  10. The game you asked me about is Discovery Toys A B SEAS Alphabet Fishing Game.

    your little guy is cute
    Take Care

  11. I love the Brown Bear felt board pieces! I have to make one of those for my daughter!

  12. Thanks for sharing the link for the felt animals, I just made my daughter a felt board and was looking for characters! Thanks so much!


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