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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

It's A Baby!

I had my first appointment today and I'm pleased to introduce the newest bundle.

Happy 8 weeks to you
Happy 8 weeks to you
Happy 8 weeks, dear baby
Happy 8 weeks to you!

(I promise not to do that every week, I'm just so elated with seeing and hearing my baby.)

In the picture, you can see the baby's stubby, little legs at the top. I also was able to see his/her little head and arms. I must say, this baby is way cuter than my ticker thinks it is. :) Ah, baby bliss.

Both Alex and the hubster were in the room to see the baby and listen to the heartbeat. When I heard that whooshing heart, this all became very real to me. What a wonderful sound to hear.

Oh, baby, am I excited! My doctor has a "feeling" that this will be another boy but this stubborn mama has been praying for a girl since, oh, last July. We'll have to wait and see. Either way, I'm just excited to be having another baby. If we have another boy, we'll just have to try for a girl. ;)

Who's ready for the first belly shot?

Yah, it's little, but it's there. :)

So far, I'm feeling exhausted constantly and nauseous on and off. Some things sound so good and taste awful, others sound "OK" and become a new favorite. The eating with this pregnancy is waaaaaay different than it was with Alex. I could eat whatever, whenever (ok, not pizza hut bread sticks...still can't eat those) and I was very content. My biggest complaint was of a slight headache almost daily in my first trimester. I don't get the headaches that much but I can't just eat whatever I want. hmph!

I'll try to post on a weekly basis for the pregnancy and/or anything pregnancy related.

Oh! Quick story:  The other day, I was sitting in my chair and Alex came up to sit with me. He put his head right on my belly. I asked him what was in "mama's tummy" and he quickly answered, "a BABY!". After that, he gave my belly a hug and a kiss. I couldn't help but get teary-eyed. How sweet is this boy?



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