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Saturday, March 7, 2009

One of The Coolest Things I've Ever Won

Oh, my goodness!! I won something over at Miranda's blog and just received it yesterday from Fed-EX.

The prize was something from the company Color Me House. We chose the rocket and could not wait for it to show up on our doorstep.

When it arrived yesterday, I put the HUMUNGOUS box aside so I could put the rocket together while Alex was in bed for the night. It went together, lickety-split and waited for the morning. (Did I mention how easy it was to put together? It's huge and it only took a few short minutes.)

As soon as Alex woke up, he knew the rocket was all his. Although, he insists it is a house. He spent his morning going in and out. He even grabbed a play phone and closed himself in there. What a hoot.

There is a TON of room in this rocket so we grabbed one of Alex's chairs and stuck it in there. The hubster found a cool little lantern to light up the house too.

After a bit of play, we introduced the idea of coloring the house to Alex. HE LOVED THIS. He thought it was so cool and even colored the walls inside the rocket too.

We can't wait to play more. While the hubster and I did some coloring, I turned to him and said, "Did this wake up your inner 6 year old, or what?" We had a fun time together.

So, thanks to Miranda and thank you to Color Me House. What a fantastic thing this is for my family to win.

Here are some pics to enjoy!




  1. Great win glad you all had fun with it!

  2. Now that looks like so much fun! I would have loved to have that as a child!!!

  3. Thanks for telling us all about this... I think I will order one for my kids... looks like such fun!

  4. that IS pretty cool! "easy" would have a blast w that! is it still in your living room?

  5. Congrats - that is pretty cool! I think I'd like one for myself, to escape in LOL

  6. oh my, that looks like so much fun! what a great win, congrats!


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