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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

SkidDERS ~ Review

graphic taken from website

Do you have a little "walker" or "runner" in your home? I have found some fantastic footwear for the little one in your life. SkidDERS go on like a sock and have the support and traction of a tennis shoe. What's even more amazing about these shoes? They're only $17.99 in stores. 

My son was given 2 pair of SkidDERS to try out. These styles were "Sneaker Blue" and "Black".
Alex loves running around in these. I love them because I know his foot is properly supported and the traction will keep him from slipping.


Are they not adorable? There are many other cute styles to choose from for little boys and little girls alike.  Also, these shoes are available in US sizes 4-8.

Michael Matalon, the president of SkidDERS, has this to say about the idea behind the shoes.
"Skidders was designed with infants in mind. The outsole is rubber so the child can have better traction when learning to stand and walk. The upper material is knit so the foot can breath. It is lightweight, machine washable and comes in a variety of designs that can match with any outfit. The best feature is that it can be used indoors and outdoors. I believe it is a far superior product than what currently exists in the marketplace."
Dear, Mr. Matalon, thank you for designing such brilliant footwear and for making it so affordable. Not only are SkidDERS more durable and breathable, but they're also far less expensive than the leather soled shoes on the market. You've met a need with the idea of SkidDERS and have made them inexpensive. THANK YOU!

P.S. I have a design idea you may like. :)

We are very happy with our SkidDERS and hope you'll try them out too. They can be bought in a number of stores. My favorite of those, is buybuyBABY.



  1. Hi Amy

    That was a wonderful review and I truly appreciate it. We are working very hard to build the Skidders brand and deliver a quality product that is practical and reasonably priced.

    We have made some improvements to the upper material, the outsole and even the packaging. We did all this in response to our customer feedback and suggestions.

    I will keep you informed of the new styles when ready to unvail.

    Thanks again!

    Michael Matalon
    Skidders Footwear

  2. I'd use these around the house instead of socks.
    "easy" slips often... hehe. CUTE!

  3. Hee hee! Those are so cool! I could see Charlie in a pair when she's a bit older, running amok.

  4. Funny that you're doing a review on these SkidDERS. Grandma & I saw them at Bye Bye Baby and thought how cute they would be for Alex and Zoe. Now that Alex will be getting 2 pair, I'll have to think about getting some for Zoe.


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