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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Spring Fling! Surf Sweets (review)

Everyone loves a good snack, no matter what the season. However, lots of people buy a lot of candy in the spring to fill their Easter baskets. 
Well, I have a wonderful suggestion of one thing you can put in your Easter basket and feel good about. 
Surf Sweets makes organic candies that:
  • are made by using only organic sweeteners and fruit juice
  • are made with natural colors and flavors
  • contain 100% of your needed Vitamin C
  • are absolutely free of Corn Syrup and GMO's (genetically modified organism)
  • are made in a nut free facility
  • are gluten free
We were able to try a bit of everything from their line. Surf Sweets makes gummy worms, gummy swirls (my favorite), gummy bears, fruity bears, jelly beans, and sour worms. The flavor of these items is a bit different from the sugar-filled, unnatural candies on the market, but is refreshing at the same time. You can taste the fruit juice in the candy. MMM...

So, if you'd like to add something safe and delicious to the Easter baskets you're filling, visit Surf Sweets. Their candies are sold in some organic food stores, some Toys R Us stores, and online. Not to mention, they're only $1.99 a bag.

Please, if you know anyone who has a child with allergies, pass this information along. This yummy stuff is a great way to give a child something that they may not be able to have otherwise.



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