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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

LemonHead Kidz (review)


It's so easy to find adorable accessories for you or your little one. They are literally everywhere and the choices can seem overwhelming. The complaints I constantly hear about the vast amount of choices, though, are in the arenas of comfort, durability, and wear ability.  Most little girls can't get items to stay put in their hair. (The same goes for some adults too.)

Finally, there is a way to buy an adorable hair accessory with confidence. LemonHead Kidz offers a variety of colors and styles in their "bandeez" and "clipeez" lines. The best part about these items, is the way they stay put after you put them on. The "bandeez" have a strip of Velcro across the top that will not move until you take it off. The "clipeez" have a piece of foam-like material on the inside of the clip that keeps them from sliding off of hair.

I was able to try out one of each from LemonHead Kidz. Here are photos of the bandeez and clipeez I was able to try.


1. A Bandeez like the one pictured in black with white stitching. (These also come in wider widths)

2. A Clipeez Felt Flower in pink.

These items are made to stay in your hair until you decide you want to take it out. If I find out I'm having a girl, I know the first place I'm going to shop for her very first hair clip.

Thanks to Family Review Network and LemonHead Kidz for this review opportunity.



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